About Us

Our goal is to make Jesus the Main Attraction. Our leadership team strives to be humble, Spirit-led, down-to-earth people that you can have a cup of coffee or catch the game with. We want to live in and love on our surrounding communities. We value people of all ages and stages of life. We love multiculturalism and diversity. Our method is to point people to Jesus by teaching the Bible passage by passage and showing how it is relevant to all our lives today. We also foster discipleship (growth in your walk with God) through serving and spending time together in smaller group events.  Our vision is to be a life-giving community serving those in need and making Jesus the Main Attraction.

Meet the team.

Demetrius Rogers

Lead Pastor
Demetrius was born in San Bernardino, CA and raised by a devout single mother. At the age of 9, they moved to Auburn, WA. It was while he attended college at Washington State University in Pullman that Demetrius became a devoted follower of Christ. After finishing school he joined the campus outreach staff at his church for the next 10+ years. During that time Demetrius married his sweetheart, Audrey, and started their family. They moved to Vancouver, WA in 2008 so Demetrius could attend Western Seminary in Portland, from which he graduated in 2014 with two master’s degrees – one in Biblical & Theological Studies and the other in Expository Preaching. Demetrius then became licensed with the Assemblies of God. Next to the Bible, books, and people in general, his main loves are his family and rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.
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Audrey Rogers

Director of Operations
& Women's Ministry
The wife of Demetrius, Audrey keeps busy managing the operations involved in the ministry. Audrey grew up mostly in the Northwest, graduated from the University of Idaho, and has worked for churches and non-profits in administrative and coordination roles, managing operations, technology systems, graphic design, human resources, and contracts. She stays busy with their kids, pets, and neverending creative endeavors! In her spare time, you can catch her reading a book, cooking yummy food, or enjoying (or crafting) a good cup of coffee.
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Robin Miller

Director of NXGEN K-12
A native of the PNW, Robin was a youth ministry intern with Oregon Youth Alive Ministry Academy from 2007-2009, participated and led missions trips with Adventures in Missions (including The World Race), and recently graduated from Warner Pacific with a double major in History and Religion & Biblical Studies. Robin began following Jesus at four years old and has never looked back. In 2013, she married her best friend, Corey. They love their life together with their daughter Bailey and their little terrier-mix, Auggie. Robin also loves all things creative from visual art to film. In her spare time, Robin enjoys drawing and painting, baking, and watching tv/movies. She is passionate about justice and loving our neighbors well.  
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Annika Sullenger

Brendan League

Director of Music
Pastoral Intern
Annika recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Worship Ministry & Biblical Studies from Trinity Bible College in North Dakota and is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God. She has a passion for worship and helping people connect with God through music. With a love of Chinese (or any) food, coffee, and exploring the outdoors, she is right at home in the PNW. Just don’t try to feed her broccoli! On her bucket list: visiting every continent (except Antarctica).
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A native Oregonian and lover of Mexican food and dipping his pizza in ranch (or dipping anything in ranch), Brendan is one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet. His colorful past coupled with accepting Christ and the forgiveness that comes with doing so gives him a unique ability to relate with those who walk a bit darker of a path. He is not afraid to share Jesus or pray with anyone! He loves to study God's word and share what he's learning; he is also a big C.S. Lewis fan!
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Our Core Values Can Best be Summed Up As:

Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible is inspired by God, relevant for all generations, and it is the infallible guide for faith and conduct. We believe in the one true God who exists as a Trinity: God the Creator Father, Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit who lives in us. He is the maker and sustainer of all things and we were created to worship and have relationship with Him. That relationship was broken because of SIN, which brings both physical death and spiritual death, which is separation from God. But God sent his son Jesus to become a man, live a perfect life, and offer himself as a sacrifice to pay for our sins. Salvation is received by repenting of our sin, and putting our faith in Jesus. By trusting in Jesus we can get right with God and others. We have been gathered into God’s family, the CHURCH, and given a mission to make disciples of Jesus. We live our lives as an act of WORSHIP, seeking to love others like Jesus loves us.

Our Vision

We want to be a life-giving community serving those in need and making Jesus the main attraction.

Our Mission

Our Mission is HOW we plan to fulfill our Vision. Most simply, we do this through a focus on FELLOWSHIP, OUTREACH, the Holy SPIRIT, and the WORD of God. 


We enjoy meals together and foster generational friendships.
We encourage good neighboring, operate the Diaper Depot ministry, and support missionaries around the world.
We pray together and enjoy musical worship.
We preach passages of scripture, encourage personal devotions, and regularly have Bible study small groups.

If you are looking for a place to belong, or a family to be part of, we welcome you with open arms!