About Us

Being a follower of Jesus (a disciple) is a process, not an event. As with any process, there are steps.  Mount Hood Christian Center is striving to be about the steps. Our process for making and being disciples is designed to be simple because we believe the message is too good to be lost in complexity.

Mount Hood Christian Center communicates God’s Word in a creative and compelling way because we believe that God has called us to one thing...make followers of Jesus who embrace a journey toward spiritual maturity.

Mount Hood Christian Center is a place where many people have found new life. We believe that through God’s grace, forgiveness and healing can be found. We have seen lives changed, marriages restored, and hearts mended by Christ. We are a community of faith, hope, and love believing that God’s grace is available to anyone.

The great thing about Mount Hood is the culture of acceptance and compassion that is so evident in this place. Whether you grew up going to church, haven’t been to church in years, or have never been to church, you will find people with similar experiences who have made Mount Hood their home.  Ultimately, Mount Hood is a community of people from many different backgrounds seeking to love God as we lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.