Matthew 8

Matthew 8:3
Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him.

Leprosy was a dangerous and filthy disease. And, as a result, lepers were driven out of society. They lived in colonies, removed from the city and by themselves. It was just best that way. So when this leper runs up to Jesus in desperation, we should hear the gasp of the crowd, see the mothers scuttle their kids to the side, and smell the stench that emits from his clothing. And yet Jesus stretches out his hand and touches him. Think about that. People back away, but Jesus leans in. Isn't that just like Jesus? He always leans in.

Today, if you feel abandoned, just remember, Jesus leans in. If you feel cast off, Jesus leans in. If you feel dirty, and perhaps beyond repair, Jesus leans in. He stretches out his hand and shares his mighty power with you.
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