Matthew 26

Matthew 26:52a, 53
Put your sword back into its place… Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?

During this time a Roman legion consisted of nearly 7,000 men. Can you imagine opening your front door to a legion of soldiers? It would be quite breathtaking to behold such an enormous force, let alone be attacked by one. Therefore, this scripture becomes quite impressive. Jesus could have snapped his fingers, and, not just one legion, but twelve would’ve been dispatched upon the scene! That’s 80,000 warring angels lighting up the sky.
So, it's not surprising that this verse was spoken to Peter moments after he unsheathed his sword. Bless Peter's heart. He sure meant well. But Jesus reminds him that his sword was not necessary. Although Peter’s quick response may have been a genuine show of loyalty, it was also a blind knee-jerk reaction.
Can you relate with Peter? At times we unsheathe our sword to rectify the situation. And the legions of Heaven must let out a little chuckle. They know we mean well, but if they weren't dispatched upon the scene what difference would our sword make?
All it takes is for Jesus to snap his finger. Sometimes, however, his purposes aren't that quick and easy. Plus, he isn't threatened by what we deem to be a threat. So, today, put your sword back in its sheath, and look to Jesus for his answer to come – his time, his way.
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