John 1

John 1:30
After me comes a man who ranks before me, because he was before me.

No one typically likes to come in second place. However, back in 2008, a guy in the car battery industry started a little movement that went international. It’s called “I Am Second.” If you’re interested in checking them out, you’ll see that their website is full of videos made by people giving testimony for why Jesus Christ, and not them, stands in the winner’s podium of life. And, in our passage today, John the Baptist is giving his I Am Second testimony.
What about you? Are you proud of coming in second? Third or Fourth? Last? Just as long as Jesus comes in First?
If so, it means you have nothing to prove, you have nothing to add, and you have nothing to offer outside of Jesus Christ. The pressure is off you, and the praise is on him. I Am Second is the Best way of doing this thing called life.
Say it loud, and say it proud—I Am Second!
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