Acts 25

Acts 25:11
I appeal to Caesar.

Paul had a dream of bringing a huge offering to Jerusalem, then the plan was to take the gospel to Rome, the capital of the empire (Acts 19:11). And that’s exactly what happened, but not before he faced some serious setbacks. As a result of preaching the gospel, Paul spends two full years in jail (Acts 24:27). Then, still embroiled in legal affairs, he appealed to Caesar, which is the very thing that took him to Rome. This was not exactly the way he planned for it to go down, but what he thought would happen did. However, not without major difficulty.

If you’re facing difficulties today, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re heading in the wrong direction. Hang in there. Often God reveals the what, without ever mentioning the how. The road might get rough, but he knows how to get you where he needs you to be. And sometimes he uses the difficulty itself to achieve the desired purpose.  
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