The Littles (Birth-Pre-K)


One of our core values is that Children are our Future. We provide clean, safe and fun care for your little ones! All our Nursery workers have been background checked, and are trusted, loving members of our church. We have a special space set up for The Littles where they can crawl, wiggle and play, and we provide a snack for them.


Kids (K-5th Grade)


We value worshipping together as families on Sunday mornings, but once the music is done, kids get to head to a space all their own for a fun time learning and playing together! It doesn't typically get too noisy, but for those who are sensitive to loudness, we provide noise-canceling headphones.

We believe that children are intuitive and are fully capable of understanding the Gospel message. For this reason, we keep the Gospel at the center of everything we teach. Because they are young, we want to build the foundation of their faith so that as they grow, they won’t just know filtered Bible stories and how to be obedient, but they would understand 3 things on a fundamental level:

  1. Sin separates everyone from God and each other
  2. Jesus provided the only way to mend those relationships by dying on the cross and raising from the dead
  3. They are loved deeply by the Creator and His death and resurrection were for them

The Bible is one unified story that points to Jesus. We tend to paint biblical characters, in isolated stories, as heroes of faith instead of flawed humans who consistently failed. The point of these stories is not to show how awesome these people were, but how deeply sin infected their hearts over and over again, and how our good God, with compassion and forgiveness, decided to work with them anyway.  


Youth (6th-12th Grade)

Our vision for the next generation can be summed up in the following three words: Know - Grow - Go

We want kids to KNOW, above everything else, that they are deeply loved by Jesus. We want this to be the foundation of their faith. Too many times young people fall in love with Jesus, but when their passion dies, their relationship with Jesus fades. We don’t want this. We believe that the foundation of sustainable faith is the deep understanding of Jesus’ love for us, no matter how much we do or don’t do for him. There is nothing we can do to earn it, because it is freely given. When young people make this the center of their faith, instead of their love for him, they are more likely to be sustained in their faith.


This understanding of Jesus’ love for us positions kids to GROW in character, understanding of the Word, and especially love for Jesus. As they grow in each of these, we believe that they will mature into authentic young adults with a firm foundation of faith.


As they come to know who they are in Jesus, grow in strength of character and faith, we want them to GO boldly into service of others, loving them like Jesus does. Our deepest desire is that they would go into the world (their schools, homes, public spaces, etc.) and be known by their love of others and love for Jesus.

The youth group meets Tuesday nights from 7-8:30pm in the back room at Elmer's restaurant at 1590 NE Burnside Road in Gresham. Updates, changes, and additional events are communicated via their Facebook and Instagram pages - click below to 'Like' and 'Follow'!