Matthew 13

Matthew 13:22  
The cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the Word.

Recently my wife and I were given a gift certificate to Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian Restaurant in downtown Portland. I was told to save your appetite because it is an all-you-can-eat experience and the food is amazing. Our dinner plans were set. But that afternoon I got hungry, so I went over to the cupboard and got myself down some canned chicken. That was a mistake! Because about halfway through my Fogo de Chao experience I started to get full, way too soon! So eventually I found myself declining servers of succulent steak because I had decided to have a can of chicken.

And I got to thinking, God often desires to give us Fogo de Chao experiences in his Word, but, unfortunately, we have no appetite for it because we are full of cans of chicken. So let’s think again before spoiling our appetite on the “riches” of this world.
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