Luke 17

Luke 17:17
Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine?

Have you ever found yourself in a thankless job? People just expect things from you, and when they get it, well, that’s what you were there for in the first place. And they go happily on their way.
Well, Jesus probably has the most thankless job ever. Savior of the world? That’s what he’s here for, right? People get in a pinch and they know where to turn. And out of desperation they call, “Jesus! Help me!” And so, when the help comes, oh, what a relief. And on with their life they go. And as this story suggests, about ninety percent of the people think this way.  
And that might be our temptation, but resist it. Make a conscious effort, today, to go back and thank Jesus for all the things He has done. And the next time he brings relief, bow down right then and there and give him thanks.  
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