Luke 18

Luke 18:16
Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.

We have a little girl who is a part of our congregation who always comes up and either gives me a little fist bump or a great big hug. She has such delightful eyes. Eyes full of love and eager excitement. Everything in her heart is riding on that moment.
Well, last time we gathered as a church, due to the guidelines in place for slowing the spread of the Coronavirus, we needed to refrain from our hug. I think she understood but was a little devastated. Her hopes were on having that connection point. It meant so much to her.
Aren’t you glad that Jesus is bigger than a novel virus? And when he says come unto me, we don’t ever have to worry about bugs and viruses.  He says, BRING IT ON! Bring your viruses, bring your sickness. Bring your sin, bring your shame. Bring it all. For they will all dissolve in the power of my love.  
Nothing need ever hinder you from coming to Jesus.
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