Acts 27

Acts 27:22
Yet now I urge you to take heart.

Chapter 27 is a difficult read to say the least. Talk about burning calories. It takes it out of you just reading the narrative. Seems the storm will never end. One challenge right after another. And then it says in verse 20, neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and all hope of our being saved was abandoned. In other words, we’re done.
And then Paul has the audacity to stand up and urge everyone to take heart.
Take heart? When all hope is been abandoned? Yes, take heart. And while you’re at it take some food (see verse 33). You might be in a chapter 27 season of life. The winds are howling, and the ship is beginning to break loose. Since you might not see land anytime soon, you’re gonna need your strength. Take heart, take food, don’t lay down, don’t give up. God sees you. You’re going to make your destination. Take heart and have faith in God.
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