Revelation 6

Revelation 6:10
How long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?

How long, oh Lord?
How long must the scale of justice sit in ruins?
400 hundred years of Egyptian slavery
400 years of systemic racism
400 years of religious persecution
Generations come and generations go, and yet debts go unresolved and acts go unrestored. Centuries of brutality and ages of oppression.
How long, oh Lord, before you judge and avenge our blood?
And after so many years, the cry of justice can still be heard, even in places like heaven!
How long, oh Lord?
But a deeper question must be asked. Who gives the heart such an enduring hunger if it didn’t come from God? And why would God give such an abiding thirst if he didn’t plan to satisfy it?
Patience child. You will only have to rest a little longer.  
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