1 Samuel 27-29

Daily Devotional from 1 Samuel 29--

Verse 6
The [Philistine] lords do not approve of you.
There may be times in life where people don’t approve of you. And, in the moment, you may not like it one bit. David sure didn’t. In verse 8 he objects, “But what have I done?” What David didn’t realize, though, was that God was sparing him from having any connection to the death of Saul. God was keeping his record clean.
You might not understand why certain people disapprove of you. But there might be a good reason for it. If the lords don’t approve of you, maybe it’s because the Lord didn’t allow them to.
Maybe you’ve lost that job, or perhaps even that relationship, and you’re like, “What have I done?” But God knew that because of your loyalty you would’ve never let go of them, so, in His mercy, they had to let go of you. God knows the beginning from the end. Trust him with outcomes of people’s disapproval. He might just be saving your bacon.
Demetrius Rogers
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