2 Kings 20-21

Daily Devotional from 2 Kings 20--

Verse 17
Behold, the days are coming, when all that is in your house, and that which your fathers have stored up till this day, shall be carried to Babylon. Nothing shall be left, says the Lord.

King Hezekiah was dying and prayed for healing. God heard his prayer, promised to add fifteen years to his life and deliver Jerusalem from attack by Assyria. These promises were fulfilled. God is faithful.

Hearing that Hezekiah was ill, Babylon sent emissaries with a gift. Probably when he was putting the gift away, Hezekiah pridefully showed the Babylonians everything that was in his treasury. “See all that I have? See what a great king I am?”

As a result of this prideful act, Babylon saw all of this stored wealth and came to get it. They conquered Judah according to Isaiah’s prophecy.

There is nothing good that you have today - no treasure, no talent, no health - that is not a gift from God (James 1:17). It can be taken away in an instant. There is no place for pride. Give God the credit He is due!

Rick Bolesta
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