1 Peter 5

Daily Devotional from 1 Peter 5--

Verse 8 (CSB)
Be sober-minded, be alert. Your adversary the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour. 

Animals have keen senses. They intuitively know when a predator is around. Their ears perk. They start paying attention to their surroundings. And if the situation calls for it, they run. 

Peter is encouraging us to be aware of and pay careful attention to our surroundings. Any amount of open door to sin could be a target for the devil. A bad attitude, something mean said out of anger, any kind of conflict, that web page that should stay closed, hurt feelings, pride, all of which (and more) can be exploited to further cause division, chaos, and strife between believers. 

Be vigilant. Be alert. Don’t let the devil devour you. Pray for discernment and humility. Ask for prayer, help, anything from believers to encourage you and bring you peace. And if necessary—run. 

Robin Miller
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