Proverbs 24

Daily Devotional from Proverbs 24—

Verses 17-18
Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles, lest the Lord see it and be displeased, and turn away his anger from him.

GO HAWKS! Yes, it is absolutely okay to cheer on your favorites. But if you’re also praying the other team’s wide receiver would break a leg, well that would be displeasing to Jesus! That’s a light-hearted analogy, but it holds true. We do want to encourage those we love, but God does not want us to discourage, or think ill of, those with whom we may be in contention or disagreement. And if they fall on hard times, the Holy Spirit in us should cause us to feel COMPASSION.

Consider: Even the most wretched and wicked of criminals was once someone’s adorable, bright-eyed, laughing toddler. We are all image-bearers, all created in God’s likeness. Look for the good in people who are hard to love, and allow it to help you have Christ’s heart toward them. The world would be a better place if we all did.

Audrey Rogers
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