Matthew 17

Matthew 17:17
How long am I to be with you?

Was Jesus being impatient here? Sure seems like it to me, and rightly so. He wanted his disciples to believe they could do the same things he was doing. I think we Christians tend to put this big difference between ourselves and Jesus. And, categorically, I think we’re right to do so. However, functionally, I think we can be wrong. It’s true, we will never be Jesus Christ. But just because we’re not Jesus doesn’t mean we can’t do Jesus like things. Think about it, Jesus in becoming a human emptied himself of divine prerogative (Phil. 2:7), and carried out his ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit. Sounds like what you and I are called to do. We have no power of our own and he used no power of his own, but lived wholly dependent upon the Father. Spend a few moments re-reading Matthew 17:14-21, and ask yourself, “why not me? and why not today?” And choose to believe God for the impossible.
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